Big news!

Chosen AI is now a part of The Big Search.

The Big Search, the leading provider of hiring solutions for high-growth technology businesses has acquired Chosen AI, the people analytics platform.

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The Big Search partnership with Chosen

After a year of successful collaboration, The Big Search has acquired the Chosen AI technology and algorithms as well as the company's Intellectual Property and its data science and engineering team. The acquisition will accelerate TBS's product roadmap and its data-science and big-data engineering capabilities.

Since February, the two companies have focused on integrating Chosen AI's algorithms and models to TBS' existing hiring CRM and Talent Management platform. Specifically, The Big Search will soon bring talent benchmarking and insights, predictive recruitment analytics and strategic succession planning to its suite of existing hiring solutions.

"We couldn't have joined The Big Search at a more exciting time and we’re looking forward to continuing to apply technology to better understand people and organisations. On a personal level, it's been great joining such a diverse and talented team where we've been so closely aligned from day one. Watch this space!"

Will Ritchie,
CEO and Founder of Chosen AI.

"We're really proud to have the Chosen AI team on board for the journey. Our vision has always been to accelerate the organisational scaling of high-growth technology businesses, to us, that means providing a complete toolkit of best-in-class solutions to support the growth of our clients - from hiring to organisational effectiveness and leadership development. Critical to our success will continue to be superior market intelligence and speed and quality of delivery.
The Chosen AI team have exceptional technical know-how, domain understanding and share our ambition to be number one partner and trusted advisor to the best technology businesses, globally."

Learco Finck,
CEO and Founder at The Big Search.