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Our intelligent search platform discovers exactly the people you need.

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Let technology do the hard work

Chosen automatically identifies exactly the people you're looking for.

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Input your ideal person

Starting with a person's profile, Chosen goes much deeper than just keywords, analysing the companies they've been at and the context behind their experience.

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Our AI finds the best matches

By aggregating and analysing billions of data points between people and companies, Chosen is able to unearth talent that would otherwise go undiscovered by traditional search.

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And helps you make informed decisions

Chosen's rich career insights help you understand a person's proven skills, capabilities, likelihood of moving jobs, career highlights and the types of companies they have worked in.

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No more wasted time

Stop screening unqualified talent and spend your time where it counts, speaking to the right people.

In only a few searches, we found the leading candidates for our Head of Talent position.

Gauthier Van Malderen

Gauthier Van Malderen

Founder & CEO, Perlego

Chosen is getting it right because they are working directly with recruiters to make the platform better. With Chosen, I get time back to actually connect with candidates as they allow me to discover highly qualified engineers that would otherwise go unfound.

Emma Chamberlin

Emma Chamberlin

People & Talent Partner at Forward Health

It's always a challenge for us to find senior candidates who have the right mix of consulting chops and entrepreneurial flair. Using Chosen's lookalike search, we got a really impressive shortlist of candidates with the right kind of background that we probably wouldn't have found otherwise.

Rebecca Lee

Dr. Tanya Goldhaber

Strategy Consultant at Founders Intelligence